A photo of me, my brown hair is styled curled and down. I'm wearing a green dress, and I'm smiling.

About Me

I’m Kate and I specialize in Women’s/Men’s ready to wear, intimates, and textile prints. I’m also the founder and designer of The Midnight Wren, a hand embroidery brand creating tutorials for embroidery enthusiasts where I do the branding, CAD design, tutorials, product photography, social media marketing, and stitching.

As an active person I thrive in a fast paced environment where every day brings new challenges. I’m very detail oriented, I excel at working with cross functional teams, and I’m constantly exploring new ideas. 

Most recently I’ve had the opportunity to use my expertise in graphic design to work on logo driven leg wear designs for Tommy Hilfiger License.

In my own time I enjoy patterning and making my own clothes, and more than 75% of my wardrobe is me-made. Most recently I’ve taught myself how to make and fit my own intimates, and I’m looking forward to expanding into sewing my own swimwear this year. 

Thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio. I hope you enjoy seeing my work and what I can bring to the table.