The Hero print for Outerspace Adventure and the namesake for this collection.
The palette data and repeat for Outerspace Adventure
The color map for the motifs in Outerspace Adventure

Outerspace Adventure Pattern Designs

December 2023 /January 2024

In an effort to progress in my textile design skills, I’ve started working on a couple of seamless repeat collections for my portfolio. This is the first design for my collection, Outerspace Adventure, which is a textile and wallpaper collection for the adolescent consumer. 

The collection takes its name after the hero print, which is an 8.5×8.5 inch grid repeat. For now I’ve only included the palette data and color map for this singular pattern, however there’s more to come as I design more prints for this collection.

You can see more patterns like this on my pattern design IG: @moondreamerstudio


Company: None, Self initiated project

Medium: Adobe Illustrator