Three socks with holiday pattern design. 1st a nutcracker with a placed pattern, 2nd a holly tossed repeat, and 3rd a fair isle stripe
Three holiday sock designs for Cole Haan gift boxes
Half drop and tossed holiday patterns for Cole Haan gift boxes
Tossed and fair isle holiday patterns for Nautica gift boxes
Floral patterns for Tommy Hilfiger



In April 2022 I began working primarily on Tommy Hilfiger and Van Heusen brands for Basic Resources, Inc. However, because I specialize in pattern design, my team frequently asks me to design on special projects for other team’s brands. The following patterns are examples of these projects that don’t fit neatly into one category, but I felt had a place in my portfolio.

Holiday Designs

Cole Haan and Nautica both produce gift boxes and holiday packs in the Fall. I was asked to design an assortment of holiday socks that could be added to these gift boxes as a special project.


Because the brands I work on prefer sportier designs, I don’t get many opportunities to design floral patterns. However, on occasion the brands will request more feminine designs, and so I always design a couple of floral options every season. 


Company: Basic Resources, Inc.

Team: Associate Designer | Special Projects