What Every Girl Should Know Stephens College Warehouse Theatre Marketing Client Project Poster
"What Every Girl Should Know" Poster
What Every Girl Should Know Stephens College Warehouse Theatre Marketing Client Project Facebook Cover
"What Every Girl Should Know" Facebook Cover

“What Every Girl Should Know” Marketing

February 2015

“What Every Girl Should Know” is a client project consisting of a poster and Facebook cover I designed to market and promote the Warehouse Theatre’s production of “What Every Girl Should Know,” by Monica Byrne.

Just briefly, the story follows four young girls in a Catholic reformatory in 1914. The new girl, Joan, arrived at the reformatory carrying illegal birth control contraband distributed by Margaret Sanger, the leading women’s rights activist of the time. The four start following Margaret to a religious extent and even turn her into a saint. Soon, reality becomes confused with fantasy and objects from their made up world of adventure start showing up in the real world.

The goal of my poster design was to convey the almost occult obsession the four protagonists have for their Saint, Margaret Sanger. Each girl holds an object of significance in the production. From left to right: the journal in which the four recorded masturbation rituals, an orange that made it’s way into reality from their fantasy world, a photo of Margaret Sanger, and a cross to represent the Catholic reformatory in which they live.

The creative process I utilized included:

  • Held an intake and design brief meeting with the Costume Manager and Director of “What Every Girl Should Know;”
  • Developed three initial poster designs, one of which was chosen as the final poster;
  • Utilized Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to render the illustration comprised of the four protagonists holding important symbols from the production;
  • Used Adobe InDesign to create the final poster and Facebook banner.