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Textile Repeats

December 2015

In the Fall of 2015, I designed several textile repeats for my class in CAD. For the same project, I later designed a campaign poster to advertise my prints similar to how many fabric companies do today. Both the campaign poster and the textile repeats draw inspiration from Oceanus Fractus, another one of my projects. My concept for Oceanus Fractus is organic fractals, the way in which geometric equations are found in the ocean.

The campaign poster depicts a rainy night in Venice. Three women walk side by side with their custom printed umbrellas deflecting the twinkling drops of rain. The various textile repeats use organisms that display organic fractals such as octopi and natulus shells. The prints are fun and quirky, and easily translate into any kind of silhouette.

The project parameters included:

  • Designed a collection of six apparel prints that showcases my brand;
  • Researched the steps in the textile design production process;
  • Studied textile designs and print collections while considering appropriate end uses, technical limitations, target market and repeat sizes in design choices;
  • Campaign Poster: use graphic principles, thoughtful layout, illustration skills and professional presentation techniques to create an effective design.