Support Crumbling

October 2015

At Stephens students strive to embody the Ten Ideals, which were adopted in 1921. In my class Communication Design Applications, I was tasked with designing a poster that illustrates one of these ideals using the art style of one of the five art movements I was studying. I chose to design my poster using Post Modernism’s design style to illustrate the Ideal: Support.

Grunge was a popular style in the Post Modernism movement. While designing, Post Modernism grunge reminded me of the political upheaval of the era. For this reason, I designed my poster around a post apocalyptic image of a woman supporting the crumbling Earth.

The project parameters included:

  • Researched the five movements of design: Japanese Prints, Art Nouveau, Modernism, Post Modernism, and the Digital Age;
  • Researched the Ten Ideals and their meanings. You can learn more about the Ten here;
  • Used the Principals and Elements of design, thoughtful layout, illustration skills and professional presentation techniques to create an effective presentation.