Look 1: Silk georgette & satin dress, silk wool jacket, dupioni sash
Collection line-up and look 2: silk georgette, CDC & dupioni dress, silk satin & dupioni wrap skirt, georgette shawl
Look 3: Silk jersey crop top, dupioni & georgette skirt. Look 4: Silk satin & georgette top, silk wool & dupioni tulip skirt
Look 5: Silk CDC wrap dress, silk wool shorts, dupioni bandeau

Stone of Five Virtues

April 2017

The Stone of Five Virtues is a conceptual eveningwear collection for the contemporary market. The collection is aimed toward a modern woman with a busy lifestyle and wants her wardrobe to be customized to her. I was inspired by the sweeping silhouettes and layering in Ancient Chinese dress, specifically the traditional hanfu. The variety of colors found in jade inspired the color palette and the collection title.

I focused on fabrics that are luxurious and durable for the contemporary market. Layering was a key factor in order for the customer to be able to mix and match, customize each look to her taste, and to maximize her wardrobe. In production the long sleeved items would be customizable to the wearer’s preferences.



Class: Portfolio Development

School: Stephens College School of Design