Stars Design Co. wall art set and pocket journal
Pocket journal detail
"Only in the Darkness can you see the Stars" - MLK

Stars Design Co.

October 2016

Stars Design Co. is a series of wall decorations designed to support the growth of children around six years old who are just getting interested in science. If your child or grandchild is looking for a fun way to learn about the stars, hang these paintings in their room to support their growth and development. The next time your child is curious about the stars, point out the constellations in the paintings and then explore them in the sky together during the next clear night.

The set of three paintings also comes with two pocket journals for parents and grandparents to write their thoughts and doodle. The back cover of the journal has a pocket in which you can store important notes, business cards, or other small reminders. The quote “only in the darkness can you see the stars” was made by Martin Luther King Jr. in his “I’ve been to the mountain top” speech of 1968.