An Ocean of Love Press Release Branded Layout
Press Release Branded Layout
An Ocean of Love Project Press Release Layout
Press Release Layout
An Ocean of Love Gala Invitation Back
Gala Invitation Front
An Ocean of Love Gala Invitation Front
Gala Invitation Back
An Ocean of Love Ocean Explosion Graphic T-shirt
Ocean Explosion Graphic T-Shirt
An Ocean of Love T-shirt Ocean Explosion Graphic
Ocean Explosion T-Shirt Graphic
An Ocean of Love Bubbles Graphic T-shirt
Bubbles Graphic T-Shirt
An Ocean of Love T-shirt Bubbles Graphic
Bubbles T-Shirt Graphic

An Ocean of Love Press Release

October 2015

An Ocean of Love was a personal branding project I designed for CAD at Stephens College. The project includes a press kit, pocket folder, charity gala invitation, and merchandise designs for a charity fund of my own design. The charity I chose to “fund” for this project was the Ocean Conservancy, a charity that works to keep our oceans clean and healthy. You can learn more about the Ocean Conservancy and their mission here.

My goal for this project was to blend my personal brand with that of the Ocean Conservancy. The press release gave me the opportunity to use several trending graphic design effects, such as the wave explosion effect and 3D bubbles effect on my graphic prints. A third detail of this project is the double negative featuring photos I took of the ocean in both the pocket folder and the invitation.

The project parameters included:

  • Designed a press kit with gala invitation and step-and-repeat for your personal brand in partnership with a charity of your choice;
  • Research and consider the branding of chosen charity;
  • Effective layout and technical skills used to blended personal brand with that of the chosen charity’s;
  • Designed branded T-shirts and accessories in two or more color ways.

Disclaimer: An Ocean of Love is a college project and does not reflect an actual gala event or charity fund.