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“Horse Girls” Marketing

November 2015

Horse Girls is a client project for the Stephens College Warehouse Theatre and their production of Horse Girls. This was the second client project I completed for the Warehouse Theatre. I started with researching the production and I conducting a design intake with the Warehouse Theatre’s director and costume designer.

In my design, I focused on the dynamic between Ashleigh and the rest of the girls in her club. Ashleigh was a central figure in the play and her prized equestrian trophy was coveted by everyone. It was also the main tool used for murder. My goal was to convey Ashleigh’s bright pink and outrageous preteen world while also suggesting something more sinister to come.

Here is some background on the play:

When you watch Horse Girls, you are immediately transported into the preteen world of Ashleigh, the wealthy leader of her equestrian club. Ashleigh is the queen bee of her posse, and everything seems to be perfect until one member of the club reveals that Ashleigh’s horses are going to be sold for meat! The play is both humorous and ridiculous with the near religious way these girls revere their horses, but quickly turns tragic.