Green Thumbs Letterpress Stationery Gift Set
Green Thumbs Gift Set free seed package
Lettuce Dig Deep letterpress/hand painted journal
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Green Thumbs Gift Set Contents
Green Thumbs painted gift tags
Beets me! letterpress/hand painted cards and envelopes
Lemonade anyone? letterpress/hand painted cards and envelopes
Green Thumbs Branding System

Green Thumbs Stationery Set

December 2016

Green Thumbs is a letterpress gift stationery set I co-designed with my partner, Jenny Zink, as the final project in my Package Design Studio class. The set is aimed at women between 52-65, who are dedicated gardeners, are social and enjoy entertaining, and live in the suburbs or the country. It is also the perfect gift for those who don’t know what to get a gardener. My part in the project included developing and executing the Green Thumbs branding system, letter pressing the cards and journal, producing the hand painted journal and box, researching the product market, and collaborating on developing the marketing strategy for the brand.

The $59.99 gift package includes:

  • 8 letterpress cards & envelopes,
  • 8 gift tags,
  • 1 letterpress journal,
  • 1 seed package

Marketing Strategies:

The Green Thumbs stationery set can be found at your local garden nursery, botanical garden gift shops, online as collaborations with garden bloggers, pop-up shops, and at On the website you can find other gift sets, individual cards and journals, flower presses, seeds, and more. A few competitors might include Papyrus, Tinyprints, 1canoe2, and PrintStitchAndPaste.