Exsor Brand Identity
Exsor Brand Identity
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Creative Ink: Exsor Brand Identity Logo
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Creative Ink: Exsor Brand Identity

January-April 2016

Throughout the Spring of 2016 I worked as a creative executive for Creative Ink. With my partner/account exec. I co-developed the logo, name, and brand identity for a new renovation and construction consulting firm for a client in Columbia, Missouri. The creative process we utilized included:
  • Researching the brand identities and marketing strategies of competitors in the construction consulting industry;
  • Researching current trends in the industry along with trends in company names and logo design;
  • Worked with the client to develop a name and brand identity that fit his company’s personality.
After completing this process we had brainstormed 12 names, but decided on Exsor the combination of Expert and Advisor. From there we offered four logos using different color palettes and lettering combinations. We selected the logo you see above in order to visually convey the confident professionalism and integrity our client had always shown throughout his career. What is Creative Ink? Creative Ink is the student-run integrated marketing and communications firm at Stephens College. Members of Creative Ink design everything from advertising campaigns and branding materials to strategic marketing plans for clients across Missouri. If you’re interested in learning more, you can read about Creative Ink here. Related—Creative Ink: Cabaret Poster


Class: Creative Ink Agency Team I

School: Stephens College School of Design