Digital Signage for Cabaret
Cabaret Digital Signage
Poster for Cabaret
Cabaret Poster
Newspaper Ad for Cabaret
Cabaret Newspaper Ad

Creative Ink: Cabaret Poster

January-April 2016

In addition to co-developing the brand identity for Exsor, I simultaneously developed the advertising materials for the Stephens College Playhouse Theatre Company’s production of Cabaret. These materials included a poster, newspaper ad, and digital signage to be spread throughout Stephens College and the Columbia, MO area.

The creative process I utilized included:

  • Researching all versions of the production in order to become familiar with the show. Although, I focused on the 1986 version as that was the image the Playhouse Theatre Company requested;
  • Researching trends in advertising from the era in which the production is based in order to develop an original design concept;
  • Worked with the clients to develop an image for the materials that fit the production’s personality and style.

After completing this process, I had four design concepts I presented to my clients. The final poster uses design principles originating in the Dada movement popular in Berlin between 1910 and the early 1930s, around the same time the production is based. From there, I designed the newspaper ad and digital marketing materials to fit with the poster design.

What is Creative Ink?

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