Contemporary Sportswear Mood Board
Oceanus Fractus Mood Board
Contemporary Sportswear Illustration Line Up
Sportswear Designs-Illustration Line Up
Contemporary Sportswear Look 1 Front
Look 1 front
Contemporary Sportswear Look 1 Side
Look 1 side
Contemporary Sportswear Look 1 Back
Look 1 back
Contemporary Sportswear Look 2 Front and Detail
Look 2 front and detail
Contemporary Sportswear Look 2 Back
Look 2 back

Contemporary Sportswear

October-December 2015

Contemporary Sportswear is a better sportswear and dress class in which I developed a portfolio of seven original designs, which were critiqued by a professional designer. Two ensembles were constructed and fit to a model, a three piece look (look 1) and a dress (look 2).

This collection was priced for the bridge market. My concept, Oceanus Fractus, drew inspiration from the presence of fractals in the ocean. Fractals are mathematical equations that form an infinitely repeating sequence; the Fibonacci sequence is an example of this. I designed two engineered prints for this collection, one of which is shown on the top from look 1. A few details to note include mother of pearl buttons on the jacket and mother of pearl clasps on the dress. The jacket also features a fractal inspired lapel.

The project parameters included:

  • Researched Spring/Summer 2017 trends using trend forecasting services;
  • Developed figures depicting contemporary women in fashion;
  • Rendered textiles and prints by hand and using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop;
  • Rendered hand flats;
  • Drafted production patterns within 1-3 weeks per look;
  • Constructed chosen looks within 1-2 1/2 weeks per look;
  • Completed costing, and spec sheets following the design work.