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CFDA Competition: Oceanus Fractus

March 2016

Oceanus Fractus was selected by the Stephens College School of Design to be entered into the Liz Claiborne competition hosted by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). To meet the competition perimeters I designed seven ensembles, one for each day of the week, beginning with research on Liz Claiborne and the contemporary sportswear market. I found my niche – and my customer – within the market, and from there I developed a line of mix-and-match separates featuring staple pieces and statement pieces that showcase six original textile designs. I also constructed samples, including a full t-shirt and pants. My concept explores organic fractals found in the ocean. Oceanus Fractus draws upon the fluidity of the ocean and the abstraction of the infinite complexity of its organisms for inspiration of style lines, silhouettes, prints, and other design details. I was very inspired by the way these mathematical equations fractured into an infinite array of organic patterns and shapes in order to create the vast complexity we see in our oceans today. The collection offers vibrant, elegant contemporary sportswear and weekend attire for the competitive career woman between the ages 27-52. She is most likely married with a young family and has an average income between $50,000 and $130,000. This woman is fiercely independent, ambitious, and organized. And, even though she prefers classic silhouettes, my customer was influenced by trendsetters at an early age. She faces many challenges in the 21st century, including finding balance between work and family, finding equality in an increasingly diverse work environment, and living in a technology driven economy. Oceanus Fractus meets this woman’s needs by offering clothing that flatters a number of silhouettes and easily transitions between work and home.    


Class: CFDA

School: Stephens College School of Design